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We're like having a full internal marketing team

without the cost and overhead. 


Our team brings over a decade of experience working with advertising agencies across Canada - leading some of the country's most iconic brands from Tech & CPG to professional services & manufacturing.

The way business is conducted has evolved greatly over the last decade, yet the traditional marketing agency model hasn't. 

Our model is based on working with clients as if we're your internal Marketing Director. We're in team meetings, we work at your office a few days a month, and we handle all the day-to-day marketing activities that move the needle for your business. 

What We Offer

Fractional Marketing

If you need senior marketing & sales leadership but don't necessarily require a full time staff member to fill the need, our experienced leaders are available as fractional marketing directors to work within your organization for 10 to 40 hours per month based on your needs. We'll not only help to develop a plan and strategy, but also implement it - which could mean working with your in-house team, or using our own.

Marketing & Rev Gen

Whether you're b2b or b2c we'll help develop a marketing and revenue generation strategy guided by data and results. From target market identification and channel selection to sales funnel process and touchpoint mapping. The end result is better qualified leads, helping to drive conversions and revenue.

Project Based 

We're also available for more traditional project based work - including branding/rebranding projects, video production, web design, and campaign execution. What makes our model unique is that we only pull in the creative resources we need to execute the project scope keeping over-head down, reducing costs to our clients. 

Sponsorship Division

Sponsorship can provide an additional revenue stream for any sports or event property, provided you have the right strategy, valuations and approach. Whether you want guidance or want us to handle the entire process - we're here to help.

Strategy & Valuation

If you're starting from scratch, our industry knowledge can help provide valuations for your sponsorship assets.

Pitch Development

The right pitch & sponsorship deck is vital to making your property stand out in the crowd. We'll help you create it.

Business Development

If you need support selling your sponsorship inventory, we're here act as your sales team.




39 Pippy Place - 2E 

St. John's, NL



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