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Fractional Marketing Director

If you're organization is looking for senior marketing leadership, but doesn't have the need for a full-time position, that's where launch comes in. We'll work with you for 10 to 40 hours per month to develop a marketing road map that will help you generate more revenue - and then execute it. This could mean working with your in-house marketing resources, or using our team to get the work done. In either case, we don't just give you a long tailed report and call it a day, we'll actually implement it. 

Marketing & Rev Gen Strategies

The power of technology has changed the way we market. From the first - touchpoint with a prospect, to the last one when become a sale, with the right tools and process, we're able to engage them at every stage of purchase decision. Whether you're starting from scratch and need help build your marketing and revenue generation model, or you already have an existing one and need help optimizing it, we are here to help.

Financial Data

Project Based Services 

We also offer the more traditional project based services including video production, campaign development, branding/rebranding projects, and web design. 

With a network of some of the most talented local creatives, we're able to to bring in the best and brightest for the task at hand. This means better work, with less overhead, meaning greater results for our clients. 




39 Pippy Place - 2E 

St. John's, NL



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