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About Launch

Simply put - we act as your Marketing team on a fractional basis. 

While an internal staff means having a full-time resource(s) in-house to perform marketing tactics, it's highly unlikely you'll find someone that brings a full suite of skills to do everything that needs to be done. Additionally, salaried employees come with a high cost, additional overhead, and reduced flexibility. 

Meanwhile, marketing agencies provide deep creative talent, they are expensive and often silo'd. While they can help you with specific projects or a the creation of a campaign, they can't effectively help with the day-to-day marketing executions that typically matter most. 

Launch bridges that gap. We operate as a member of your team, then leverage our talent network to tactically execute as required.

It's a freelance economy - the talent pool is thin, agencies are expensive, but we're here to provide a solution. 

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Our Team

Chris Dunne, President

With over 12 years of experience working in marketing, Chris has worked on some of the countries most notable brands - including Baffin, GoodLife, Planet Fitness, Loblaws, Purity Factories & Screech Rum. 

A 2015 Marketing Magazine Top 30U30, he's split his time with agencies in Newfoundland & Labrador, and Toronto including Prime Creative/M5, Elemental, CMCC Sports, and the Idea Factory. 

Most recently Chris has been focused on helping tech and tech-enabled businesses grow their brand, and grow revenue through sound lead generation strategies and execution.

Talent Network

Working in the industry for over a decade, we've established a network of the best and brightest freelance talent in the country. With connections spanning from British Columbia to Newfoundland & Labrador, we're able to find the right talent depending on the scale and scope of the task at hand. 

Web Developers

Focused on UX and UI, websites are more a science than they are a design project. How users flow through website content, and how they're guided to key conversions points is essential in turning MQLs to SQLs. It's this lens that our network of developers applies to each and every project.  


Whether it's designing lead magnets, developing animated ad units, creating DRIP emails, or developing content, our team of freelance graphic designers create with call-to-action in mind. 


Writing plays a pivotal role in the effectiveness of lead generation efforts. Whether it's writing SEO friendly website content, creating ad copy that addresses the pain points of your customers, or writing a whitepaper that provides value to your target audiences.




39 Pippy Place - 2E 

St. John's, NL



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